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Heath Adamson
Heath sovereignly had his breath taken away by Jesus at the age of seventeen. Steeped in drug abuse and a host of other things, Christ breathed life over the dead places in his heart. He is the product of one person with a promise praying for him and the first believer in his family lineage. Eventually, Heath married that one person who prayed for him and now he and Ali have two daughters together (Leighton and Dallon). With an evident call to ministry, Heath served as a youth pastor, District Youth Director, Youth Alive Missionary, and now the Senior Director of Business and Ministry for National Youth Ministries.  He is also the chair of the global council of the Next Gen Youth-Leaders Network and is a founding board member of the World Evangelical Youth Alliance. He is a graduate of North Central University and Evangel University. Along with Ali, Heath endeavors to leave a legacy for generations to come first and foremost through their family.

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