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Beacon Light

Beacon Light is a rare breed of Hip-Hop artist whose performances range from cracking playful jokes and performing party songs to sharing his deepest pain with his listeners. "Life is full of highs and lows," says Beacon, "I try to make music that honestly reflects those moments.

"Beacon Light's latest album, Open Eyes, is his most influential yet. Open Eyes hosts a series of stand-out songs, including the hit single "Overload", which made it's debut on the Billboard Christian Radio charts. Included on the album is a powerful rendition of "Jesus Loves Me" in which Beacon shares his story of sexual abuse as a child. The childhood hymn combined with Beacon's heartfelt message have been powerfully sweeping across the world inspiring people to share their own stories of redemption.

"Its amazing news when you hear that your song is a daily reminder for someone to seek Jesus," Beacon remarks. "Those are the moments that remind me why I make music."

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