The Millennial Tour
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This unique year-round tour, specifically created for the Millennial generation (high school - early college), is designed to combine music with Christian apologetics, to teach students and better equip youth leaders on how to defend their faith in an ever-increasing skeptical world. The executive producer of the movie God’s Not Dead, Troy Duhon, and best-selling author of the book the movie was based from, Dr. Rice Broocks, created the Millennial Tour out of a passion to see students better equipped to have sound, proactive conversations about their faith with unbelievers around them.

This 2.5 hour event includes several millennial age and nationally known Christian music artists in the pop, hip-hop, praise and worship, gospel R&B, rock and CCM genre that are reaching the Millennial generation, as well as world-renowned apologetics teachings. Each event may feature different artists in the tour lineup, but will always feature Dr. Rice Broocks and The Human Right - Director, Heath Adamson via video.